Welcome to advokat24, a modern law firm

advokat24 is a new modern law firm that provides qualified business advice to Swedish and foreign companies, on domestic and cross-border issues.

Our customers range from small startups to listed companies, in a wide variety of business sectors, but primarily within IT, high tech and real estate. We often have the role as the customers “own” lawyer, advising them both in the day to day business and with mergers and acquisitions, including real estate transactions.

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The law firm for qualified business advice

We provide qualified business advice to our customers, advice that facilitates the business and works in the commercial reality. We give advice that the customer understands and that is based on our extensive knowledge of both the customer’s business and the industry, as well as how to conduct business.

Our customers get access to our expertise and experience from thousands of business deals for hundreds of customers in a large number of industries. Our experience and expertise are also based on that we only and exclusively work with providing business advice to companies and entrepreneurs. If you hear someone say that lawyers “don’t understand business” or lawyers “only complicate things”, then they have not been working with us.

We have both small and large customers, newly started and well-established, fast-growing and more stable. What many of our customers have in common are that they are owner-managed companies that we have worked with for a long time. We do however often get new customers from personal recommendations from current customers. People we have worked with for a certain customer, who then move on in their career to another company, also continue to work with us for their new company.

You can find more detailed information of some of our exciting customers here. Read about the telematics company with more than five million connected units in 130 countries, the life science company that develops and analyzes tests, including Covid-19, the IT company with a global network for digitized and streamlined business processes and last, but not least, the real property company that has properties that are so secret that they hardly exist.

Read also about our collaboration with LEAD, one of Sweden’s best business incubators, and all its exciting startup companies. More information about LEAD can be found here.

We are helping our customers in many different areas. It can be the company’s need for loan financing, venture capital from investors, stock option plans to the employees, need to rent properties, buy or sell real estate, sell their company our buy a competitor, license software or provide software as a service, develop and protect cutting-edge technical products, hire agents or distributors, make a claim or defend themselves in a dispute or there is simply a business opportunity or a business problem that the customer needs to discuss with someone who is business minded, competent and, above all, always available.

Below you find links to the areas that our customers primarily want us to help with. Click on the image above the area you are interested in.